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Ebitt meets Harleymoon - Ebitt

Ebitt meets Harleymoon

Ebitt meets 'it girl' photographer Harlyemoon Kemp following a shoot for one of Ebitt’s boutique clients

If you haven't heard of Harleymoon Kemp, that's about to change. The daughter of Spandau Ballet’s Martin Kemp and Shirlie Holliman from Pepsi & Shirlie and Wham! is our it-girl photographer. She has shot campaigns for the likes of H&M, Adidas and most recently with one of our boutique clients. Our very own Rosie Collins caught up with Harleymoon to talk more about her work, the industry and her experience of working with Ebitt on an exciting high-end fashion shoot.

When did you first start taking pictures?

I started taking pictures when I was in high school - creative subjects sucked me in and I would always have the projects finished within a few days of receiving the brief - I loved spending my weekends and evenings behind the camera, shooting friends and local bands... My parents were always supportive and even helped me set up a mini studio in our garage. It was when I started to realise I was getting ahead of the class that made me notice how enthusiastic I had become and I thought about taking photography seriously when I left school.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

That's easy - John Wright. He is an outstanding photographer and a wonderful mentor, he was my first real taste of what being a professional photographer was like. He taught me not only how to use all the kit and light a studio but the soft social etiquette he used and his kind, positive demeanour on set inspired me too. I remember after a few weeks of being his assistant I was working on set with Lady Gaga, U2 and Lily Allen... I felt like I had joined the circus and I was never going back!

Who was your first client?

When I was 21 I shot Paul Weller for Liam Gallagher's clothing label Pretty Green. That was my first hit of self assurance and that's when I knew that I was going in the right direction. All those years spent in my parents garage had paid off! We shot in Spring Studios and the photos were posted over Carnaby Street, I was really proud of myself that day.

You frequently work in fashion. What's it like?

Fashion is always surprising, no matter how many mood boards you have or visions in your mind, you can always push the boundaries and your comfort barrier to see what else you can get from the shots.

Who's the most famous person you’ve worked with?

I love this question because it makes me excited remembering it again... I have worked for different celebrity magazines and photographed musicians and TV personalities and it's never made me nervous. However, last year I was commissioned to photograph HRH Queen Elizabeth II cutting the ribbon at a fashion brand. It was only me and her official royal photographer so the pressure was on - a very surreal moment.

What's been your favourite photoshoot to date?

Girls on Film in LA. We used a film set of an old Motel called Pink Motel. It was an all female crew and everyone was working really hard in the desert heat... The energy was incredible because it's also where Beyoncé and CeeLo Green's videos have been filmed as well as the movie Drive. Just felt very Hollywood!

You spend a lot of time travelling. Do you have a favourite location?

I love it in LA because the option to shoot with golden sunlight and blue skies is heaven. I also recently did a beautiful shoot in Positano and St Tropez and loved shooting against the paved winding Mediterranean alleyways.

What’s the next step in your career?

I would like to push myself into directing more film, I shoot online content for brands such as Ghost and would like to develop that into music videos and shorts, I write lots of music in my spare time so collaborating all of them seems like the next step.



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