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Lords - Ebitt


Following a meeting with the CEO of Lords Group, Shanker Patel, and Ebitt’s managing director, Alex Johns, Ebitt was appointed to accelerate Lords in the UK homewares market. The brand was already in a good place with five stores opened and several more recently acquired in affluent London locations such as St John’s Wood and Hampstead. Lords’ ambition was to compete head-on with the most popular homewares retailers, all of which differentiated themselves by having fast-growing omnichannel solutions. To position Lords amongst the biggest and the best, the brand required a true turnaround of its brand, stores, online presence, operational activity and staffing. Ebitt tackled the entire project, turning Lords into an internationally acclaimed homewares retailer within six months.


  • Retail strategy
  • Brand design
  • Brand roll-out
  • Store design & build
  • Operations strategy
  • E-commerce design & build
  • Staffing
  • 43%

    year on year
    sales increase

  • 6

    new stores

  • 4

    UK & global
    awards won

“A chance meeting with Alex (Ebitt’s managing director) turned into a wonderful journey with our brand going from good to great. I would have no hesitation in recommending Ebitt to anyone who wants to achieve their dreams of greatness.”

Shanker Patel,

CEO of Lords Group


Our strategy was to create a new, premium version of the Lords brand, create more customer-focused stores, improve its digital offering and streamline all retail operations. We began by carrying out a thorough brand audit and in-depth consumer research to find out how Lords could cut-through in a highly competitive and crowded homewares market. Working closely with the brand’s executive team, we established a new strategy and a future direction for the business.


Our research showed that Lords’ typical customers wanted to shop in local stores that offered premium shopping experiences on their doorstep. In light of these findings, the new ‘Lords At Home With Quality’ brand was born, emphasising its commitment to locality and excellence. After establishing a new brand identity, we created a logo, typography, tone-of-voice and photography style, embedding these into a new set of brand guidelines.

Store build

Following a successful rebrand, Ebitt worked closely with Lords’ executive team to design and build three newly acquired stores. Given the new brand’s commitment to community and locality, each store was designed to both represent the brand but also blend with its local surroundings, often retaining aspects such as unique building characteristics and fragments of local history. In six months, Ebitt designed and built three stores including a 1,000sqft St John’s Wood boutique, a 750sqft Hampstead Village high street shop and a 5,500sqft Chorleywood out-of-town store.

Design analysis

During the design analysis process, Ebitt completed an investigation of each space. It was vital that we could remove some of the existing interior features to create open plan spaces and allow customers to move freely between the shelves of products. We also carried out feasibility studies for each store, considering aspects such as potential customer numbers, sales per square foot and overall return-on-investment.

Design & build strategy

Carrying out extensive research into the local communities allowed us to get to the heart of each location. Ebitt chaired multiple community meetings and focus groups to gauge opinions from potential future customers and encouraged them to influence the new store designs. Not only did this provide us with invaluable insights into customer expectations, it also allowed us to introduce the new Lords brand to key local audiences.


To help Lords’ executive team visualise the new store designs, Ebitt produced both 2D and 3D floor plans, illustrating the new store layouts, consumer journeys and product categorisations. Each plan was carefully tailored to the needs of the different stores and designed to maximise conversion as well as consumer footfall.

Planning & permissions

Ebitt took the lead on all planning and permissions processes, which allowed us to manage the individual store builds in a holistic way. We also acquired all of the necessary Council and advertising permissions, produced the required technical drawings and managed the planners on a daily basis.

Build & project management

Working closely with our approved contractors, we were able to realise each store design within a six week build programme. Ebitt project managed each store build in-house, providing the most cost-effective, efficient and high-standard solutions for Lords.

Advertising & launch

To unveil the new Lords At Home brand alongside the new store in St. Johns Wood, we delivered an integrated advertising campaign. By using a mixture of outdoor advertising, targeted print, online media and an official in-store launch party, we successfully raised awareness of Lords amongst its new St John’s Wood community.

E-commerce & social media

To elevate Lords’ online offer, Ebitt completely redesigned Lords’ e-commerce site and established a new, responsive platform, linked to stock levels and social media platforms. We secured the lordsathome.com domain to reflect the new brand and introduced new product categories to make the site more intuitive and shopper-friendly. Following the relaunch of the site, Ebitt developed and activated Lords’ new social media strategy and online advertising.


Following the launch, we continued to work closely with Lords to restructure its workforce, taking an analytical approach to its current and future business needs. Given the brand’s commitment to community, we retained all existing staff, trained them on the Lords brand ethos and only recruited new members of staff from the relevant localities. We have established a long-term partnership with the Lords Group, and we will continue our work together in 2017. Watch this space!

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